Payment the Next Week

Deirdre starts to do the same. Within mere minutes they are both naked and feeling each other’s bodies. Samantha can feel the heat rising from pussy and spreading through her body.

Deirdre becomes more excited and wet. Her pussy is burning with desire and it consumes her with need and passion. Her hands slide all over Samantha's body, touching and feeling her. Deirdre leans down and takes Samantha's breasts into her hands, teasing her nipples through the material. Samantha moans in pleasure then steps away from Deirdre. She starts to remove her clothes and Deirdre stands up and does the same.

Within minutes both women are completely naked and admiring each other’s bodies. As soon as their bodies are bare the women step forward and embrace. Kissing deeply and passionately, hands sliding all over the curves of the other.  Their flesh pebbles and blushes with excitement. Samantha starts to kiss Deirdre’s face, her chin, then her neck and throat. She continues to kiss around to Deirdre’s earlobes where she sucks and nibbles on the delicate flesh. Deirdre’s knees weaken a bit and she starts to kiss back and nibble at Samantha's neck.

Moans fill the room as each enjoys the loving kisses of the other. Deirdre starts to kiss down to Samantha's chest and finally stopping at the hardened nipples. Deirdre sucks hard on a nipple, pulling it from Samantha's breast, nibbling slightly and biting at the base, then gently scraping her teeth over the hard teat. Deirdre spends several pleasurable minutes on each of the breasts before her. Sucking and licking the flesh, tasting of the flesh and loving the feel of it on her tongue and between her teeth.

Samantha can take no more and moves so she can return the favor. Her pussy slick in arousal and dripping down her inner thighs. Her nipples harder than they had been in a long time. She slides her hands over the chest of Deirdre, squeezing her breasts firmly as the nipples harden beneath her manipulations. She takes a nipple into her mouth and sucks on it hard, pulling it far from the delicate breasts of Deirdre and letting it snap back to her chest. Deirdre moans loudly and shutters as her nipple snaps back.

Again they swap kisses, swirling tongues around each and feeling the inside of each other’s mouths. Finally, Samantha stops the kissing, her head swimming with lust and desire. She grabs the hand of Deirdre and leads her down the hall to the master bedroom and the California king size bed in the center of the room. Deirdre stops and looks at the grandeur of the bedroom before her, a wall glass that looks out onto the rear lawn. Samantha smiles and leans in to kiss Deirdre deeply on the lips and then guides her to the bed.

"I have been wanting a woman to join me in this bed for a long time. Will you please join me?" Samantha sits on the edge of the bed and pats a space next her and hopes that Deirdre doesn't reject her suddenly.

Deirdre looks at Samantha and rushes to the bed and forces her down on the bed and starts to cover her in fast passionate kisses all over her face and chest. Samantha flushes with pleasure and joy and starts to return the kisses. They spend several minutes kisses each other’s body. Finally, Samantha pulls away and starts to kiss a deliberate path down Deirdre’s body. Kissing between her breasts and down to her stomach. Samantha spends a minute or more kissing over the tight and tone belly beneath her, stopping at her belly button and swirling her tongue around and into it and then gently tugging on the small belly ring.

Deirdre moans and places her hands on the back of Samantha's head and shoulders. As Samantha moves down her abdomen and then to her shaved pelvis. Swirling her tongue over the curves and dimples of the flesh. Then spreading her legs wide and kissing at the apex of her legs, teasingly near to her wet pussy. Samantha can smell the lovely aroma of an excited woman and it excites her even more.

Without waiting anymore, because of her own desire more then anything else, Samantha moves in between Deirdre’s legs and starts to lick at the smooth, wet flesh below her. Taking in the aroused, swollen flesh of Deirdre, sucking the juices from her flesh. As Deirdre moans in excitement, Samantha swirls her tongue around the swollen lips and in between them. Getting more of the slightly tangy and sweet juices of Deirdre.

Deirdre gasps and moans in pleasure, her legs straighten and then wrap around Samantha, pulling her into her body as the pleasure courses through her. Samantha easily complies and starts to suck and lick at the gorgeous pussy before her. Her tongue twirling and swirling around the area and then finally finding the slightly hardened clit of the woman beneath her. As she makes contact with the clit Deirdre moans and groans out loudly and starts begging for more.

Samantha begins to suck and swirl her tongue around the growing nub of Deirdre’s clit. Making sure to tease and please as best as she can. Thinking of all the things that she enjoys done to her. She pushes her tongue hard against Deirdre’s clit and rubs it against the pelvis then sucks it hard into her mouth. Deirdre gasps and groans, hands knotting the sheets beneath her in pleasure and passion. Samantha swirls her tongue around the clit and gently bites on the nub that elicits a shriek of pleasurable pain.

Deirdre releases the sheets with one hand and starts to mash and kneed her breasts, her hips starting to move in pleasure. Samantha places a hand on her lower stomach to hold her down as well to apply some pressure for her administrations. As Samantha sucks and nibbles harder and harder, Deirdre can feel her orgasm starting to build and starts to voice her pleasure very loudly.

Samantha smiles as she hears Deirdre moaning louder and voicing her pleasure. She starts to suck harder on her clit and working a finger slowly into her pussy. As Deirdre starts to moan more she starts to scream, "Make me cum you slut......." Squeezing and pinching her nipples as hard as she can. Samantha bites down on her clit while pushing two fingers into her pussy at the same time. Deirdre screams in intense pleasure and her legs squeeze around Samantha's head.

Samantha sucks harder on her clit, tonguing and nibbling as her fingers explore the convulsing inside of Deirdre’s pussy. Working her fingers in and out quickly as her tongue flicks around the swollen pussy lips, tasting her juices as they flow quickly from Deirdre’s body. Samantha sucks hard on her clit as she rubs at the right stop, Deirdre’s hip start to buck wildly as she screams in unquestionable pleasure. Samantha continues to suck and lick at Deirdre’s pussy until her head is pulled away and Deirdre gasped out in a loud moan of pleasure then pulls Samantha up to her face.

"Oh my goodness, that was so intense. And you said you had never been with a woman before. Give me a second to relax and it will be your turn." Said Deirdre. Samantha lies next to Deirdre and softly kisses and nips at Deirdre’s breast. After a few minutes Deirdre rolls over and starts to kiss Samantha passionately.

Samantha lays back and allows Deirdre to take over. And Deirdre takes over; she starts to kiss her breasts and chest, sucking on the hardened nipples of Samantha. Deirdre kisses all of Samantha's breast, the underneath, the sides, all around the nipples. Samantha started moaning in pleasure, her hands on the back of the head of Deirdre guiding and helping her to devour her breasts. Deirdre took her time, kissing and licking all of the breast flesh that was before her.

Deirdre spends several more minutes kissing and licking upon the breasts of Samantha. Samantha's body arches and contorts with pleasure beyond her belief. Suddenly and with no warning she has an orgasm like none she has ever had before. Samantha finally recovers from the overwhelming sensation only to discover that Deirdre has moved and is now between her legs. Samantha spreads them wide open and accepts her in between them.

Deirdre begins to lick slowly and steadily. Getting the swollen lips and the hardening clit of Samantha nice and wet. Rubbing gently with her entire tongue along the pussy flesh. Samantha lies as still as she can, enjoying the strokes and licks across her body. Deirdre applies pressure to Samantha clit, pushing against it with her tongue and then sucking on it gently. Licking up and down and then across, pressing and sucking, seeking the right combination that would drive Samantha into pure ecstasy.

As Deirdre continues to lick and press her tongue around and along Samantha's clit. Finally Deirdre finds the right movements and pressure and continues to apply it to Samantha's clit. Samantha can feel the orgasm building; the flow of energy builds and moves through her body. Samantha grabs the bed sheets and holds on for dear life as Deirdre continues to lick and press and suck on her clit until an explosion spreads through Samantha's body centered at her clit.

Samantha orgasms so powerfully that she traps Deirdre between her legs. Deirdre takes advantage of the situation and continues to lick and suck on the engorged clit at her mouth. She plunges her tongue into Samantha's pussy, getting her juices on her tongue as returns to the hard clit and continues her sexual assault of pleasure upon Samantha. After many minutes and numerous orgasms, Samantha grabs Deirdre’s head and pulls her physically from between her legs and onto her pelvis.

Deirdre rests her head upon the slick body of her lover. After she feels the breathing of Samantha slow and return to normal, Deirdre leans down and softly licks the juices from Samantha's inner thighs and her pussy. After she is satisfied that all is clean, Deirdre then moves up along Samantha and kiss her passionately upon her lips. Samantha can taste her own juices and sucks hard on the tongue and lips pressed against her. They end their kiss and lie within the arms of each other enjoying their presence and the orgasms they experienced together. Soon both women fall asleep to allow their bodies to recover.

A couple of hours later, Samantha awakens to the ringing of the house phone. She reaches over and answers the phone and talks briefly with Lawrence. As Deirdre wakes completely she looks into the eyes of her new lover and hopes that this will not be the only chance she gets to enjoy the pleasures of Samantha. They look into each other’s eyes and share a smile and then a kiss.

As they separate from their kiss, they sit up in the bed. "That was Lawrence calling to ask me to join him in town for dinner soon. So I need to shower and dress. But I am so glad that you are here. I don't want this to end, so I must talk with Lawrence about how he feels about adding you into our sex life so that he too can enjoy you and your body. If that is okay with you?"

Deirdre looks shocked at Samantha then replies. "I am not sure what you are asking, but if it is to have a threesome with you and your husband, then my answer is yes. But I will wait to hear from you more on this. But I do need to go as well. I want to turn in your paperwork tonight to Mr. Lewes. That way I can continue to prove my worth."

Samantha smiles and agrees. Once again they kiss and caress each other until Samantha pulls away and gets off the bed. She walks with Deirdre into the other room and retrieves their clothes. Samantha again kisses Deirdre and then walks her to the door and watches as she drives away. Samantha rushes back to the master bathroom and takes a quick shower so she can meet Lawrence at the restaurant. While driving to meet him she continues to think of her experience with Deirdre and by the time she arrives at the restaurant her panties are wet in excitement.

She enters the restaurant and finds Lawrence at their normal table and sits down. He looks at her and sees that she is flush. He asks if all is well and in a blur Samantha tells him all that happened earlier in the day. By the time she is done, her panties are soaked and his cock is so hard that not even he can resist touching it under the table. They both share a look of exquisite lust and desire and eat their dinner as quickly as they can. They settle their bill and exit the restaurant and go out to the parking lot and have a quickie in the back seat of Samantha's car.

Samantha sucks her husband's hard cock into her mouth and even though she enjoyed the touch and gentleness of Deirdre she loves the rough and hardness of a man just as much. Their taboo love making in the parking lot is quick, yet passionate. After their heated session they return home to discuss what had happened.

After much talk they decide that Deirdre will be invited over to the house so that Lawrence can meet her and see if the chemistry between the three of them is as high as it is between Samantha and Deirdre alone. The invitation is sent and they wait patiently for the day to come.


Here ends this chapter of my tale. If anyone is interested in what happens next, please feel free to leave comments to let me know.

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